Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What is Tally Counter and How to Use It

Are you wondering what tally counter is and how to use it? It means that you have come to the right place since we are going to discuss it together. This tool is actually a common item used for counting something usually fleeting. In this following article, we would like to learn more about what this tool is.

A Brief about Tally Counters and How to Use It

If you have ever come to a concert or stadium and found that there is someone clicking on something as everyone enters the venue, this person was probably holding a clicker. It is typically used to count people on such events. However, it is possible that this counting tool is used to analyze traffic, count pitch in baseball and others.

What Tally Counters Are

Then, what is a counter clicker actually?  Generally, this tool refers to an electronic, mechanical or software device employed to incrementally count up something. It is common for us to use the tool to count animals, people and other things which are rapidly coming and going to a certain location. It is typically cased in metal and has a cylindrical shape.

The Uses of Tally Counters

The primary application of tally counters is as people counters. The tools are commonly used at stadiums, bars, theme parks, and concerts. In this case, it is used to keep track the number of people who come to the venue. Moreover, the tools are also used for scientific research, traffic analysis and even for counting inventory.

Moreover, a hand counter or clicker has been a common tool used in religion case as well. In this case, it is typically used to count prayers as an alternative for conventional prayer beads. For example, Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindus use this tool to monitor the number of times that they hymn the Hare Krishna Mahamantra which needs some repetitions.

The Type of Tally Counters Available

When you are thinking of getting clickers or tally counters, you are likely to find some possible types of tools in the market. For instance, there are electronic tally counters that employ an LCD screen to show the count. The electronic type usually features a button to process the count. Others may acquire a button to decrement the count.

How to Use Tally Counters

Now, how can we use a hand held counter like this? The way to use the counter is actually easy since it can be activated by simply pressing the button situated on top of the screen. It results the first ring to progress one number. Once the count arrived at 0009, the second ring will move on and show 0010.

In case you want to reset the counter, you can use a knob located on the side. This feature will turn all the rings displaying on the screen to the same number, typically zero. When the number shown arrives at the number on remaining rings, they will turn as well. The way to use manual counter is typically similar.

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