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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ecuador Pics @ Canoa

It's Confirmed.....I will be enrolled at the Sundown Beach Resort for January 2018........taking Spanish lessons
 CLICK ON THE PICS TO ENLARGE              This place is just up the Beach from the Canoa Beach Hotel where Ken and I stayed on our trip with Freedom Bike Tours in February
The Pool at the Canoa hotel 
The hot tub

Now I find I have another problem.....Sundown Hotel has sent me an email asking me to pick out a Spanish Instructor
The PROBLEM....I can't see their faces....what the *****  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ronco X-Terra 258/285 Update-Sept 13 2017

Upgrades of bike waiting my arrival at AROUND THE BLOCK ADVENTURE TOURS in Huanuco Peru..CLICK on picture to enlarge

This shows 12 hp @ 7500: however the Ronco site shows
The Ronco engine is a copy of the Honda CRF 230 engine used in the Honda XR 250 and is 18.76 Toby assures me that the power is comparable and says I can test it against the Honda when I arrive.......

Monday, September 11, 2017

Horizon Unlimited Ontario Meet-Sept 7th to 10th 2017

The Ontario gathering is now in the past with Greg, our host for the event getting together with Susan and Grant Johnson, the founders of this resource organization, to plan for 2018. A big thank you to Greg, and Liz Bamford who arrived on Wednesday to set up for the meet......hours prior went into planning and preparing to accommodate the approximate 200 attendees from across Ontario, Quebec and the USA.......don't think we had any asylum seekers. This was an opportunity to listen to travelers stories riding throughout Central, South/North America, Australia, New Zealand, India,Mongolia and Europe. Various clinics on packing/tire repair/border crossings/general preparation for M/c travel and Clinton Smouts demonstrations on safe handling of your ride were well received. Honda and BMW had 26 bikes for free demo rides throughout the event each test lasting over 1/2 hour. The weather was warm and sunny during the day and biting cold at night.

This was also a time to get together with fellow riders and swap yarns, make new friends and share the love of ADVENTURE RIDING.......this year I counted 3 Harleys' in attendance and these folks had a ball joining in the bike games which were more suited to Adventure type bikes but they enjoyed participating and it was a hoot to watch.....thanks goes out to Michel Levesque for putting this together. The meals prepared by the camps chef were delicious,all you could eat, buffet style with snacks/fruit put out each night along with fresh coffee available 24 hrs. Kassie Tyers a recording artist of country type gospel from Sudbury performed on stage after dinner each night. Though I was not a formal presenter at the event, I was able to promote Freedom Adventure Tours of Ecuador and   Around the Block Tours of Peru. Around the Block Tours was of particular interest to a number of people due to Toby Shannon's offer to buy a bike for you, handle all the paper work to get it in your name,insurance and plates included with a guaranteed buyback at the end of your trip. This is a much less expensive alternative to shipping your bike or renting when you are on an extended trip. Many are interested how my trip goes starting in December on my purchase of the 250 X-Terra built up to a 285cc for I am told close to a 24hp. They will follow my blog and/or hear of my experience at the next Horizon Event
CLICK ON PIC TO ENLARGE                            This is the bike I purchased with Toby upgrading the engine to a 285cc adding 4hp to the stock 18.76 @ 7500rpm

also the racks added,larger wheels to 19 and 21 inch wheels Perrelli 50/50 tires. note the fender changed due to increase wheel height.

A few pictures from the event
Clinton what not to do

scenic venue

all you can eat


packing lite

hardy campers


Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Bike-Peru-Aug 19-2017

My New ride for November....Toby at AROUND THE BLOCK MOTOR ADVENTURES in PERU has just completed building up the engine to a 285cc and will be changing the rims and tires from 17 &19 inch to 19 & 21 inch with Perelli 50/50 tires & aluminum rims........this costs $ 195.00 extra but increases the buyback $ 115.00....I will post updates when the racks are added....

The colours are grey and black but the dealer has ordered new white plastics as that was my preferred color...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Peru-Nov 28th/2017-Aug 13 2017

Unable to take my VStrom....just doesn't make sense to ship at an expense more than the purchase of the way no less.....uBike has been paid...wired the money to Around the Block/Toby Shannon and received email $ received and bike will be in his shop August 9th for upgrades......will post actual pic of bike with luggage racks when Toby forwards......Now to refine the packing and consider extra running light purchase which I will install upon my arrival in Huanuco.....hopefully on the 29th of November.
If this bike cruises at 100k after the upgrade, I will be happy......the Euromot I rode in Chile and Argentina at 16hp had no problem cruising at 85k. I will likely not need this speed on the type of roads I will travel but nice to know you have a little extra for passing or emergency maneuver.

I will be at the Horizon Unlimited meeting Sept 7th and can update anyone interested in the Process with Toby and Around the Block Adventure Tours/Rentals/Purchase and Buyback terms.
Though this bike comes as a 250, it is actually a 223cc which Toby and his crew can build up to a 285cc which will give it close to 25hp.
I will be using carry on type ( PLANE ) luggage as panniers with rain jackets. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Test Of GO PRO-Video-Dec 30/13-Carretera Austral

A short video taken along the Carretera Austral ( Routa 7 ) between Hualaihue and Vodudahue....this stretch is about a 3 hour ferry ride connecting routa of 3 crossing along this route which runs from Puerto Montt to Cochrane in Chile and is mostly gravel.
I would stall the bike in a deep puddle here

heading to the Fe

New Years Eve CHAITEN
Technical difficulties.....the video doesn't want to play.....this was a spot awaiting our 2nd Ferry crossing on routa 7......

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 7-North Shore July 17 2017

Good Bye St Lin

Up early to dark threatening skies......Tim's for breakfast....after downing our coffee, we put on our rain pants in the parking lot...semi prepared for what might lie ahead........should have put the jacket on too. WE HEADED FOR Route 50, an express type hwy between Montreal and Ottawa though mostly 2 lane ( on coming shared ) it bypasses the towns and villages offering a speedier passage. We would need to pull over and put our Rain Jackets on soon after as we encountered torrential and windy conditions......unable to get the camera out so this is a picture less blog......Stopped in Gatineau to warm up and drain a little water from our boots and gloves before continuing ob towards Shawville and the Border back into Ontario. Again heavy and gusty strong that on a short stretch of 4 lane...Don and I both experienced hydroplaning and floating into the opposite lane before recovering control of the bikes....Ken was spared this scare as I believe the panniers on our bikes allowed the wind to lift the bikes up......A short stop for fuel and a snack at Cobden and then on to Wilno for lunch........from there it was a light rain until Huntsville, here it became heavier and both Don and I slowed down letting Ken pass as he was in a hurry to get home and more confident in his riding than we were......HOME at 3:30pm and a happy trip behind us.....and we are still talking and

The next major trip begins November 27 2017....solo motobike excursion through Peru/Ecuador maybe Columbia.....pick up my new bike in Huanuco at