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Friday, March 24, 2017

March 24-2017 Return to Ecuador via Peru

I have been searching the net regarding purchasing a motorcycle in Ecuador. Sent an email to Court at Freedom Bike Rentals on the chance that he could refer me to a dealer: knowing that this was not his business interest, so was not expecting a reply........not upset.....will continue to recommend this company as they are great to deal with, well organized and will put together a great trip for you. In my research, I found a dealer in Peru also in organizing tours but with a side line....http Anyone planning a trip longer than a month may benefit purchasing a bike as opposed to renting: especially when you can return the bike with a guaranteed buyback, making the daily cost as little as $15.00 a day vs $ 70.00 or more. The difficult part in purchasing in South America is the paper work to get permission to buy as a foreigner, registering bike in your name and purchasing both the licence plate and Soat Insurance. This company will take care of all that.......making the procedure mostly painless for those of us not fluent in Spanish. Though, I have not firmed this route appears to be my best option . My trip in Ecuador is 3 months.....which will be extended if I go first to Peru....I will spend a month taking in Machu Pichu December this year may be my starting date.