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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

James Bay Quebec-Upcoming Trip July 19/17

TWO Vstroms and 1 650 GS are heading out on the 19th of July for Chisasibi Quebec with a stop over in Matagami for night 1. Day 2 will see us headed to Radisson carrying extra fuel as we understand no fuels stops in between. It is possible that we will spend 2 nights in Radisson allowing us to visit the Bay and get a tour of the Hydro Dam. One of the 3 bikers is an avid GEO Cache seeker/explorer so we might expect some off road excursions along the way.

We are expecting paved road for the most part. The road was built to allow equipment and supplies to reach the Chisasibi project in the 1970's to build a large Hydro is my understanding that this hydro site supplies most of Quebec's energy needs. The bridges along the way are capable of 500 you can only imagine the weight of machinery that traveled this route. I suggest that my fellow companions bring a tow rope in case of a break down but they are likely to ignore me. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why I do it "wrong" Adventure riding the Rosie Way

Why I do it "wrong" Adventure riding the Rosie Way

I wanted to share this video of a young Canadian woman who is travelling the World which has had so much negativity with terrorists, wars, drug killings on and on, who has embraced life and views and experiences 1st hand the love and kindness that exists everywhere......please watch this to the end....I find her a real inspiration......

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fully Committed-June 14th/17 PERU/ECUADOR

Ticket purchased ....Air flight November 27th arriving 1:45 am on the 28th. Also booked taxi directo to get me to Hostel Iquique which is within walking distance to the Migraciones Office. Here, I must apply for a Permso de Firmar Contractos Como Turesta. This is a stamp in my passport which allows me to purchase a motorcycle as a foreigner. Around the Block Moto Adventures needs this to complete the registration to get the bike in my name. Hopefully, this takes less than a couple hours and a taxi back to the airport to comprar un boleto de avion por Huanuco Peru. I expect to be staying with the Shannons' who operate Around the Block Tours for a couple days......Next I need to part with the $ for the bike.....Toby needs this well in advance as they must purchase desired ride and retrofit it including building up to a 300cc machine which will add 4 more HP........Provided I get the bike back to them running, they buy it back for the agreed upon $ regardless of the mileage or duration I have out over the 4 months to cost me less than $15.00 a day. To rent a small 200cc bike you are looking at $75.00 to 90.00 a day.....

No turning back.....committed

Will post bike pics when purchased as Toby says they will send progress pics of mods.... 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

2016 TEKKEN Trying out my Nuevo Ride

Love the way this bike handles ....... Toby will build this up to a 300cc which should give me a top speed of 100 to 110 k
Luggage carrier, extra electrical feed and maybe a wind shield will be added. I will need to spend a day or 2 in Lima to get a Permission to Purchase the bike stamped into my pasaporte at the Migracion Office in the heart of Lima before flying on to Huanuco where I will pick up my ride.....spending a couple of days with Toby at the shops hostel. This will allow me to further test the ride and get any adjustments done before heading to Ecuador.......unsure of whether I will do Machu Pichu on the ride up or back. I will discuss my route with Toby and see what he recommends....I am hoping that he will give me an itinerary of an epic route with favorably priced accommodations which they use...Here's hoping I do not have further health set backs to postpone this trip.