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Monday, May 30, 2016

BMW/MOA Gathering Camp Tamarack-May26-29th 2016

Arrived at the event Friday afternoon and met a number of attendees/organizers who are also involved with Horizon's Unlimited, an organization dedicated to educating and helping travellers  by hosting seminar events and an online resource centre.

The 100 attendees from Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Quebec and Ontario enjoyed day ride outs through Muskoka and evening informative seminars which included bike safety sessions, First Aid and stories of adventure through Mongolia and The Trans Lab. During the morning before breakfast Diana Londono led yoga sessions for bikers.

the view from my cabin

my cabin

slow gathering for dinner


my quarters


Friday, May 27, 2016

Infiltrating BMW Rally @ Camp Tamarack-May27 2016

Joined the Bmw Riders  Group back in January to see what all the hype was with this moto culture.....So this week end they are hosting a get together/rally t a local kids camp with ride outs during the day and adventure speakers during the evening. I no longer own a BMW, hence the title, as I now ride a Suzuki 650 Vstrom.