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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15


Awoke to a bright sunny day…..on the bikes and on to Mom’s for breakfast. Mindemoya is about 15 k from our lodging and soon we will be heading there for Dinner as it is 5.45 as I type this……I was attempting to guide Ken on roads that he may not have been on before and areas that might yield some caches to keep him happy…lol.

Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 001 Ken has a habit of attracting the law….so as we were considering motoring around a bridge closed….in the middle of no where….guess what…Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 005 Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 006 but but officer we are only looking…hahaDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 004 Motoring on, we soon reach the Wikwemikong Reserve which is the only unceded reserve in Canada……..which only means they never signed the last treaty in the 1800 hundreds….here we stopped for cafe….Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 007  Nice little place with pastries and coffee to rival Starbucks…..I then led Ken to the north end of the reserve which is also the most easterly part of the Island. It was here that I let him choose our next lodging as he has been unhappy with my 5 star selection. Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 011 Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 014

Ken, I get the couch, you can have the bed you can have the bedDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 016  Ken, I am not eating hereDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 015

Next, we headed to Manitowoning, where Ken had a gps fix on a cacheDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 010 This is Ken trying to get my attention that he has a marker on the above…..ok ken let’s go….Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 021 First we had to stop at this 1800 hundred Jesuit Church….now used as an open summer theatre…..Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 022

While waited to load the bikes on the Ferry, Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 026  Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 024 Ken was busy looking for another cacheDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 027

A trip up the Bidwell road around Lake Manitou yield another cacheDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 029 While here, Ken & I became playful, must have been the result of finding all the Geo’sDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 030 Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 031

Arriving on 542 Ken was hot on the pursuit of another find…Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 033 Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 036 Day 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 035 My b…… at work………preparing a fire for tonightDay 3 Manitoulin Sept 23 15 038

I have made a new friend……this Butterfly has been hanging about my windshield for 15 minutes…..we are presently at the cottage and heading out for dinner…it’s 6:30 and I am hoping I am able to post this at the Restaurant as we have no internet or Tv…….

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Manitoulin Ride-Day2- Sept 22 15


LAST EVENING, Ken failed to find 2 caches….so before leaving Sheguianda, we retraced our steps and both Geo Caches found.Manitoulin Sept 22 15 001   We then headed for Little Current for breakfast….Manitoulin Sept 22 15 002 the plan was to to the west end of the Island Geo Caching along the way with the plan to have the famous Fish and Chip lunch at THE MELBURN INN. Stops at the Cup and Saucer Trail…….Manitoulin Sept 22 15 003 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 005  

Manitoulin Sept 22 15 004 We failed to find the cache but did get to wear some of that breakfast off……next stop Kagawong famous for it’s chocolate factory and popular Bridal Falls…….at the base of the falls the fish were spawning……here we again failed to find a magnetic cache supposing attached to the metal staircase.Manitoulin Sept 22 15 006 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 007 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 008 It was from here that we headed to Meldrum Bay with a stop on the bridge between Bayfield Sound and Wolsey Lake looking for and failing again to find a cache.Manitoulin Sept 22 15 009  While Ken searched, I snapped a picture of fisherman as the passed just to give you an idea of the size of this lake. It is my understanding that Manitoulin is the largest Island in the World within a fresh body of water; as well as, the most fresh water lakes within an Island.

Though, we failed to get  lunch, as the Inn was closed, 2 caches were recovered…..Manitoulin Sept 22 15 010 Here, we learned that at one time a Zoo was in Meldrum Bay with the remains of cages reclaimed by vegetation scattered in the bush….an attempt to get to the another cache at the lighthouse situated at the end of the Island failed when we could not get past the LeFarge Cement Quarry. Turning back we headed for Providence Bay about 100k to the SE.Manitoulin Sept 22 15 011  Manitoulin Sept 22 15 012 A stop at Lilly Lake yield success with another cache much to the delight of Ken, who had been frustrated at his failure on the bridge and falls…….this Sport  is self competitive…..

Taking some back roads I led Ken around Silver Lake….Manitoulin Sept 22 15 014   Manitoulin Sept 22 15 013

A stop in Spring Bay yield a couple pints which we would later consume at the cabin……not the jail as I thought. Arriving at the Jail, I was surprised to be met by the current tenant who said a mix up had occurred and he was there for 2 more days but the caretaker had arranged for us to stay at a cottage on the Bay….disappointed we were taken to our current digs…..a 40’s style cottage with modern but dated conveniences.Manitoulin Sept 22 15 021 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 022  Manitoulin Sept 22 15 024   Manitoulin Sept 22 15 025 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 026 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 027 You can barely turn around in the bedroom, so I let Ken have it while I have chosen the sofa. On the way back from dinner we happened upon hundreds of Sandhill Cranes resting in a field.Manitoulin Sept 22 15 015 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 031  spooked some took to airManitoulin Sept 22 15 038 Manitoulin Sept 22 15 039

Monday, September 21, 2015

Manitoulin Ride-Sept 21 15


Ken and I left Gravenhurst at 8:15am heading for Tobermory Ferry…..1.30 departure for South Baymouth. We didn’t expect the construction from Wasaga Beach to Meaford and made it to the dock with 15 minutes to spare…….by exceeding the speed limit by at least 30k.

Arriving at the dock I abandoned Ken and went to the aid of 2 Oriental girls who needed help in Tying down their bikes for the crossing….sorry no pics as I was just so enchanted with their beauty that I plumb forgot. Not kidding these 2 lasses looked like something you would see in a JAMES BOND MOVIE.

I have rejoined Ken as the girls didn’t realize the crossing would take so long and that this ship was returning and not back until tomorrow…… they returned to the ship as soon as they embarked…..HOT HOT……maybe I scared them off…lol

SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 001  Ken looking for his 1st Geo Cache find on the Isl….SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 002 SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 003

Geo found we continue on to Providence Bay to check out where we will spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Taking the back roads, I lead through the interior and along side picturesque lakes until we reach Sheguianda. Tonight we are resting at the Paradise Motel.SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 005 SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 004 SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 007 Green Acres Restaurant waiting for a Roast Beef dinner with Cream pie for desert……SEPT 21 15 MANITOULIN 010 Ken, what are you looking for…’s getting late……