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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Horizons Unlimited-Nov 22nd 2014


Today Bill Hooykaas arranged for the Team Leaders to preview the Ontario Leadership Conference Centre. This is the new site of the Ontario Horizons Unlimited Adventure gathering June 18th to 21st 2015.

The event attracts adventure travellers from afar and close by…..some will be on their trip , while others are gathering info and preparing for one. The conference features talks with slide show presentations on various countries by travellers, tech talks and demos, border crossing info, how to pack light for lengthily and extended duration,first aid on the road…..just about anything to do with this type of travel.  Vendors such as Twisted Throttle ( Vicious Cycle ), and it is hoped that various Motorcycle reps with their new line will attend……

The site is approximately 180 acres with rooms to accommodate 200 plus hundreds more for camping……..meals provided.

IMG_2213 Main Building, dining hall, registration,presentation roomsIMG_2202location

IMG_2203IMG_2204IMG_2205 Older Hall for presentations or evening gathering spot, to show running slides or video….. with Fireplace and piano’s

IMG_2209outside of above

IMG_2210IMG_2211IMG_2212IMG_2214Cabins at the lake….many newer cabins above on the ridge…..IMG_2215This is below the main Pavilion on the shore and shows 2 large camping areas, above the Pavilion is a larger field also used for camping…..

Check out Events North America at Horizons Unlimited for updated info as to the June 18th meeting with Registration Info and list of presenters/vendors as this will grow in the coming months….