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Saturday, June 28, 2014

St Quentin NB to Sainte Pamphile Quebec-June 28 14


Superb weather and rural paved roads through NB into Maine at Grand Falls then back into Quebec at Fort Kent Maine. Tonight we are again in a motel at Sainte Pamphile Quebec. This route is along # 204 which ends at Lac- Megantic,,,,,was that where the rail disaster occurred? We expect to head to Sherbrook then Magog from there crossing the St Lawrence at Montreal.

June 28 14 001    June 28 14 002  NB farmland with the Appalachians in the background.June 28 14 004 June 28 14 003 Grand Falls NBJune 28 14 006 June 28 14 007 Fort Kent Maine

June 28 14 008 Rest stop

Friday, June 27, 2014

Perce to St, Quentin NB-June 27 14


On the road at 9am and headed west, along the way we decided to turn south into New Brunswick where we are this evening.

My bike seems to have a vibration that has me concerned. Yesterday while gassing up a Harley biker alerted me to a dragging chain guard….I had fixed this earlier in the day and thought the bolt had fallen out…no not this time, the metal bracket on the frame had cracked. The only fix was to remove it completely. Nothing obvious is the problem…..putting it on it’s centre stand and revving it seems okay but under load on the road it vibrates with strange sounds coming from the drive train ….let off on the gas and the noise disappears. I had it up to 130k and the vibration was all but gone…tire pressure is ok….tire look ok…..need to find a Suzuki dealer along the way.

Undecided whether to cross into Maine or pick up the trans Canada and head towards Edmundston NB………………...Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 002  departing the campground………………Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 003 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 004 great road running close to the waterPerce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 005 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 006 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 007 The train used to pass through all the coastal villages with it’s tracks snaking along the coast/////the line appears in great shape though it has not operated for some time.

Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 008 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 009 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 010 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 011 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 012 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 013 Just could not resist a few more stops….the artist was pulling a wagon loaded with paint and touching them up.

Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 016 Perce to St. Quentin NB-June 27 14 017 Stopped for the night. This bmw pulled in the rider uses a walker…..

Diane, I have another 2 Rocks, one from the Atlantic and a small slice of the Chic Choc Mountains for you,,,,,,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Perce,Gaspe,L’Anse-Pleureuse-June 26 14


Great sleep last night with heater and a mattress which didn’t deflate.Don stayed up drinking IRISH COFFEE with a lady and her friend. Up and on the road on a circuit which took us along the coast to Sainte-Anne-des Monts, a town that we started yesterday’s trip down the 299….woops a 120k error on my part. We had to back track to L’Anse-Pleureuse to pick up # 198 which led us across country through the valley and back to Perce via Gaspe, a 12 hour ride which included meal stops. Great day with plenty of sun……we bid fellow rider Bill from California a safe journey before heading out….Bill left Cali, on his BMWgs in March…..his next venture is hiking Nepal this fall. gaspie  June 25 14 032  California BillGaspie June 26 14 001  Gaspie June 26 14 002  Setting the Lobster Traps Gaspie June 26 14 003 Town of GaspeGaspie June 26 14 007 Villages every 10kGaspie June 26 14 008  Gaspie June 26 14 009 Gaspie June 26 14 011 Gaspie June 26 14 017 Gaspie June 26 14 019A couple from Drummondville Quebec on a 2010 VStromGaspie June 26 14 022 Breakwater along the 132 hwyGaspie June 26 14 025 The village where I missed the turn.Gaspie June 26 14 027 the 198 hwy to Gaspe….132 k cross country……..tomorrow we head back towards Matapedia and up to Sainte Flavie….

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cap-Chat to Perce-June 25 14


The motel provided a hearty breakfast of Bacon,eggs and home fries before they let us go…..2 cups of coffee later we hit the road to Sainte-Anne des Monts where we picked up 299 which would take us through the centre of the peninsula North to South. At New Richmond we would pick up 132E towards Perce where we are this evening. About 25k down 299 a regional road cut west back towards Matane. It turned out to be gravel and would have been a great ride as it twisted through the Chic Choc mountains but Don, recalling the horror of last year in Labrador was reluctant; therefore we continued on 299 . We followed a rapid river most of the way with Salmon fisherman fly fishing along the way. In September last year we saw a pic of a 46 lber caught.gaspie  June 25 14 001   # 299gaspie  June 25 14 003  gaspie  June 25 14 004  the road not taken….darn Don

gaspie  June 25 14 006 We could use this Ski Hill in Muskokagaspie  June 25 14 009 Fishermengaspie  June 25 14 013 gaspie  June 25 14 014 gaspie  June 25 14 015 gaspie  June 25 14 017 gaspie  June 25 14 018 gaspie  June 25 14 016 Above for Kristen…your Dad won’t let me take anymore….he said I looked like a dog stopping at all the hydrants to mark my scent. Tried to get him to pose in the cut out faces above but he declined…lollgaspie  June 25 14 020 Don thinking he might try and get one of these back to Muskoka and fish for Lake Trout.gaspie  June 25 14 022 Don it’s a steal……we can pull it back with my Diesel Truck….go for it…..gaspie  June 25 14 021 gaspie  June 25 14 027 Don is going to see if the boat will fit…..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baie Trinite to Sept Isles to Matane Gaspésie-June 24 14


Camped last evening….in bed by 8 pm as the flies were biting….awoke AT 2.30AM with an AIR MATTRESS DEFLATED……tough going the rest of the evening. On the road at 7 am riding for 2 hours to Sept-Isles where we decided to turn back to Godbout picking up a Ferry to Matane Gaspésie.Quebec June  24 14 001  Quebec June  24 14 002  Quebec June  24 14 003 This Beach stretched for miles near Baie Trinite with many ATV’r enjoying St Baptist Day here in Quebec running the shoreline.Quebec June  24 14 004 lined up awaiting the ship

Quebec June  24 14 006 and here it comesQuebec June  24 14 007 Met this couple….he from Ireland and she from the country of Mauritius……they have just completed 49 states and 9 provinces on a 2008 Harley Heritage purchased in Alaska…you may note the age difference….I asked if she had a twin sister….she was a fox….LOL. This fellow has ridden all of Europe/South Africa/South America and now most of the USA and Canada and obviously Mauritius where he caught this Lassie. She spoke both English and French….now do you know her country……it was granted independence from England in 1968, is 500 miles of the coast of Madagascar with a population of 1 1/2 million….tourism, textiles,fish and sugar are its main exports, not to mention very attractive ladies…………………………………….Quebec June  24 14 010  Looking back at the NORTH SHORE  Quebec June  24 14 013  we are at the very back…….Quebec June  24 14 018 GaspésieQuebec June  24 14 014 Quebec June  24 14 020 Our 106.00 room for the nightQuebec June  24 14 024 The Motel in Cap ChatQuebec June  24 14 029 Dinner