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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Horizons Unlimited-Nov 22nd 2014


Today Bill Hooykaas arranged for the Team Leaders to preview the Ontario Leadership Conference Centre. This is the new site of the Ontario Horizons Unlimited Adventure gathering June 18th to 21st 2015.

The event attracts adventure travellers from afar and close by…..some will be on their trip , while others are gathering info and preparing for one. The conference features talks with slide show presentations on various countries by travellers, tech talks and demos, border crossing info, how to pack light for lengthily and extended duration,first aid on the road…..just about anything to do with this type of travel.  Vendors such as Twisted Throttle ( Vicious Cycle ), and it is hoped that various Motorcycle reps with their new line will attend……

The site is approximately 180 acres with rooms to accommodate 200 plus hundreds more for camping……..meals provided.

IMG_2213 Main Building, dining hall, registration,presentation roomsIMG_2202location

IMG_2203IMG_2204IMG_2205 Older Hall for presentations or evening gathering spot, to show running slides or video….. with Fireplace and piano’s

IMG_2209outside of above

IMG_2210IMG_2211IMG_2212IMG_2214Cabins at the lake….many newer cabins above on the ridge…..IMG_2215This is below the main Pavilion on the shore and shows 2 large camping areas, above the Pavilion is a larger field also used for camping…..

Check out Events North America at Horizons Unlimited for updated info as to the June 18th meeting with Registration Info and list of presenters/vendors as this will grow in the coming months….

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Horizon Unlimited Gathering McKellar On-Sept 11 to 14 14


Though the weather was wet and cool we had a good time at Camp Manitou, enjoying the various presentations from fellow adventure travellers. The 3 day event is the 3rd hosted in Ontario and second at this location. The presenters included a couple from Georgia USa who just completed an around the World trip lasting 8 months, speakers on Alaska to Ushuaia South America, motorcycling Mexico, a young couple who recently road the Pasmir Hwy, Yoga instructions for on the road health, and many others including bike repairs on the road. It was a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones…….Looking forward to next year’s event……IMG_2165 IMG_2166IMG_2168IMG_2170IMG_2171IMG_2172IMG_2174IMG_2175IMG_2176IMG_2179IMG_2180IMG_2181IMG_2182IMG_2183IMG_2185Grant and Susan Johnson founders of HorizonsIMG_2191IMG_2187IMG_2188

Monday, August 25, 2014

Temiskaming Loop CVA Ride-Aug 23/24 2014


Saturday morning at 8am a group of 4 Canadian Voyager members met under rain threatening clouds at McDonald’s in Gravenhurst. We were embarking on a ride north named in the above heading and described in Ontario’s Advertising as # 2 of 10 best rides. A short stop at Tim’s in Huntsville we were joined by the 5th and 6 members of our tour.

Our next planned stop was West Nipissing formally known as Sturgeon Falls,,,,,this was a slight departure from hwy 11 to Temagami but hopefully would be more twisty after Hwy 17 through Field and connecting with 11n just above Martin River. It didn’t disappoint.Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 006 Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 007 No this fury guy  was not part of our group…..note he has his own set of goggles……he or she was likely a part of THE Southern Cruisers who showed up at Tim’s 100 bikes strong….fortunately we where ahead in the line-up….Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 010 Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 009 it would not be long after these pics that layers would be shed as the SUN came out and it was HOT quickly….

Arriving in Temagami about 1pm, we stopped at a Lodge just outside of town……turned out to be a good choice as the food was good and the surroundings pleasant.Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 014 Jim is absent as he had made a bee line upon arrival for the Restaurant or was that the REST……Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 015 see Jim

Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 016 Believe we are all accounted for…..


A stop at the Temagami Train Station was bust as it is not a museum but the Chamber of Commerce though we had a pleasant chat with it’s sole occupant. On to Cobalt where we toured the mining museum and watched a film on the history of the discovery of Silver and the history of the town……seems the builder of Casa Loma in Toronto made his fortune here as did many others…..still Silver in them hills but it’s not worth mining at current prices……SORRY no pics as they were prohibited …..maybe because the value of these minerals were on display… to the speciments,

From Cobalt it was a short and scenic drive along the west shore of Lake Temiskaming to our Hotel, The Waterfront Inn……nice spot with a great BAR and Restaurant. As it was next to the LCBO outlet, we could not pass a visit to view it’s contents…….

Happy Hour ended around 7pm…..then off to the hotels bar and restaurant to continue Happy Hour and a bite to eat…….no one left hungry…..the food was excellent……and required a walk afterward to help loose some of the excess weight gain during the day…….Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 018 PARKING OUTSIDE OUR ROOMS…

Thanks Frank and Patsy for picking this spot

A Continental breaky was part of the room and afterwards we again hit the road in bright clear skies at 830am. Rounding the top of the lake we Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 021 rode on new pavement so fresh, they were still paving,,,,SUNDAY YET….As we headed south on the East Side, now in Quebec having missed the Customs and Aduana offices due to Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 001 heavy fog we were greeted by picturesque Farms and sweeping views of the lake.Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 019 Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 020 Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 022 Run to Stratford and Temiskaming Loop 024 Coffee break was a little lat, we stopped in Temiskaming and enjoyed some home like baking before crossing back into Ontario, again missing the homeland security aspect of our foray into and out of THE La Belle Province…….don’t tell anyone.

Mattawa was our lunch destination this would take of Hwy 63 and onto #533 which we were told would be terrible and should be doable if we rode single file………hey….they didn’t know that this group was being led by an experienced ADVENTURE RIDER and it would certainly be DOABLE…I am riding dual purpose bike…..Turns out the road was tar and gravel in great shape and the others on the big road bikes had no problems….the twisties and hills made it enjoyable…….I was the only one who had not fuelled up after North Bay and ran out about 20 k from Mattawa……again being an ADVENTURE RIDER I had carried spare fuel and we were soon on our way… Lunch was at Tim’s in a very busy Mattawa location……

Frank took the lead at this point and I dropped to the rear of the pack…Frank had to make a stop at the Hospital his company built in North Bay to address a small water leak…..from here he led us through North Bay along the waterfront which featured  a busy beach….miniature train ride and Merry go Round. Shortly upon leaving this area I saw a Black Squirrel laying flat out on the road ahead, likely trying to save itself from certain mayhem as the traffic approached. Charlie was just ahead of me, his line of approach looked bad for the critter and suddenly the squirrel was hurdled through the air as first the front tire then the rear ejected her like a piece of bark from the bite of a chain saw…….I swerved so as not to be involved in any liability suit……

Rather than joining up with hwy 11 at this point, we headed through Calendar and picked up hwy 11 at the exit for Astorville….then on to Huntsville and a short stop at Tim’s where Charlie and Joan headed for the Cabin on Lake Vernon and the rest of us for Gravenhurst……but not before making tentative plans for a September Ride between Kingston and Gravey………..

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Manitoulin 3rd Annual Bike Rally-July 17 14

hit was almost 11 am before I headed up 11 towards North Bay, picking up 17 and riding through Markstay and Coniston. This is the area I spent my early childhood.Manitoulin 2014 006   my 1st encounter with bloodsuckers…I was six and screamed bloody blue murder… cousin drew them out with matches….lite of course.Manitoulin 2014 008 A row of 5 houses, a White Rose Garage and Saw Mill once stood here…… uncle owned the properties and we lived in one of the houses….I attended grades 1 and 2 up the road. Manitoulin 2014 009 You can barely see the school which was insul brick back in the day. One teacher taught 8 grades………most kids back then didn’t go any further in school unless their parents were able to board them in Sudbury or a large area with a High School……no bus service in those days……crap…I hate dating myself. The school is now someone's home…..It amazes me that this building is still there. Across the highway from the school is a small farm. It is here that my mother was born and raised……..again few changesManitoulin 2014 010  The old farm on the hill………

I made it within 10 miles of Espanola before needing fuel…….26.00 but that included my spare fuel tank…..the bike has a mileage stat and it says I am averaging 20.8k to the litre. Tonight I am camped at Green Acres about 8 miles south of Little Current…Manitoulin 2014 012 Nice spot….

Posted out of order

July 18/19 14 Manitoulin 2nd Bike Rally


Up early and rode across the interior to Mindemoya for a hearty breakfast at a place called Mom’s. CHECKED INTO Providence Bay shortly after and set up camp.Manitoulin july 1819 14 005 Manitoulin july 1819 14 008 the way I stopped and checked out a property for sale….needs some tender careManitoulin july 1819 14 001 Manitoulin july 1819 14 002 Last night a great band from Sudbury called Blackwater with a female lead singer rocked the park until 1 pm….Manitoulin july 1819 14 010 .tonight Green River plays…they are a Creedence Tribute band……Manitoulin july 1819 14 013 Ladies at Becky’s serving BreakyManitoulin july 1819 14 011 After filling my tummy, I met up with fellow Adventure Riders for a Tour of the East side of the Island….Manitoulin july 1819 14 021  A group Manitoulin july 1819 14 016 Manitoulin july 1819 14 018 picManitoulin july 1819 14 015 Manitoulin july 1819 14 020 Manitoulin july 1819 14 023 Manitoulin july 1819 14 025 A hazard crossing…Steve checking that we don’t fall into the riverManitoulin july 1819 14 027 taking a breakManitoulin july 1819 14 033 arriving back at campManitoulin july 1819 14 035 trying to find some shade and waiting for the band…….

July 20 14

Left Mindemoya about 10am arrived home at 1.30 pm……some rain and hail near Glen Orchard.