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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Flash Getting Ready


We are only 7 days away from departure……My riding buddy has just enjoyed a weeks holiday with his Venesualan Girlfriend who had to jump through many hoops to get a visa for Canada….its taken a couple years yet she has a visa for the USA….go figure

John and Katie 011 John’s Sweetheart…”Katty”John and Katie 037 Flash

We will likely meet up with Katty in Cartagena Columbia…

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Green Flash- Aug 24 2012


It’s only 9 days to departure…….bike is partially loaded….actually a number of times. The difficulty is  finding a place for all the things you may need for an adventure on a bike which will last 6 or more months. Discovering that you have little room for cloths was discouraging so out went the suit , ties, fancy shoes & socks. Down to 5 T-shirts, 2 pair of jeans, 7 prs of socks and underwear which will give me 7 days of changes but as Pedro estimated if we swapped we could get 14 and if we turned this inside out we could double that before washing……..2012-08-16 14.05.31   He is to bright to follow, so we have agreed I will lead.

I will post again on the day we depart….Sept 2nd 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting Ready-Central & South America-Aug 13 2012


It’s only 20 more days until I leave for the 2nd part of my journey. The summer has gone by so quickly….I know its not over but the CNE starts this weekend and to me that’s the end with school and Fall Fairs about to start.

I am mostly mended and have been busy putting the final farkles on my bike. This part of the trip will be on my 650 VStrom…..the Kawasaki will spend the winter in the garage wondering if it will ever see the road again. I keep telling myself pack lightly……2 changes of cloths 1 pair of shoes and my new riding gear….will carry extra  socks and underwear.

On the advise gleaned from The Hubb I went and had extra copies of my ownership, international driver’s licence,passport main page with 1 copy of each laminated on the advise of Greg Powell…Dreams/Greg’s Motorcycle Adventure. Greg recently completed 10 months on the road from Newfoundland to Deadhorse Alaska and to the bottom of Argentina….he met with myself and John Carney last week end and gave us valuable tips….thanks Greg,….it was a pleasure meeting you and we will get together at the Sept 7th Horizon Meeting in Robbinsville NC where Greg is a guest speaker. As you may have guessed, I have company for the trip…John, a retired helicopter pilot and most recently a yahtsman has parked the ship and purchased a Tiger Triumph 800. So YEA its great to have company. While, getting the copies mentioned above I realized my drivers licence expires while I am on the road , so I made a be line for the renewal office……..may get it before I leave….I am a believer so it will be here before Sept 2nd.

I have cancelled as many bill producing items I could….TV, PHONE, INTERNET……taxes…..can I do that ? Let’s call it a tax holiday…..Prepaid a couple services. Tomorrow I will winterize my 5th wheel which will be stored at my Mothernlaw’s for the winter along with my truck….THANK”S MARIE….the car will be used by my son to pull his fishing boat on week ends and hopefully he will put it in the garage before winter…THANK”S COREY. Still need to make final arrangment’s on the house.

GOPR0046 the bike in its round garage… bowl image taken with my son’s go pro….on loan….THANK”S COREY. As soon as I get The Pic for the Tiger I will post