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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bike Repair

Am I in trouble.....not only am I computer illiterate, I have very little mechanical ability. It took me 1 1/2 hours to remove the panel hiding the signal connector .....whoever designs these panels don't want other than qualified techs working on these bikes. Every bolt was slightly different, in 1 case 2 screws held part of the panel and you had to pry the panel away from another because the screw was hidden on the back of the panel. Putting it back together was spare parts....actually had to purchase some as I lost the 2 screws somewhere in the body of the bike. Won't even mention how long that took. The good news is the signal is now working.
Looking for a spanish speaking female mechanic about 30 to accompany me on the journey. LOL

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Windows Live Writer

One of my followers; namely Denise suggested a few changes to my BLOG. One was get rid of WORD VARIFICATION…..what the ? is that I thought. No sense in winging it any further, so I emailed and openly admitted to being a NEWBIE….basically computer illiterate. She explained
what that was and to get rid of it she walked me through the blogger steps. NOW SHE THINKS I NEED TO PLAY WITH THE FONTS. O my….she wants larger letters so I will go and hit that blue A at the top and see what happens. Okay is this better Ms D. Now how do I get this to the blog…and  why the double space in the lines… now to blog, it can’t be as simple as hitting publish.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Boots & Signal Repair Part

After previously purchasing 2 pairs of Enduro boots for this journey I have now added a 3rd........100% waterproof SWAT BOOTS.........why you might think......well the enduro boots can be akin to the SKI BOOT....great for what their intended but not meant for walking.
Also my new signal light arrived tomorrow I will replace the one totaled  in the mishap.

Not much more to report....the date for Alaska is still set to begin June 1st.......  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sportsman Show

Picked up the Spot 2 GPS which with Google Maps plots your way points as your trip progresses........once activated it also allows you to stay connected with family and friends by tracking your progress and with pre custom messaging letting them know your ok and in case of an emergency.......SOS assistance request ..
Technology, what did we do before cell phones, internet etc.......being able to stay in touch...does that change the adventure.....

O on a sour note had my 1st mishap.....dropped the bike taking it out of the house on the steps....not good. Right signal light demolished and a few scratches....hopefully the neighbours missed this as I went airborne landing off the bike on my butt.

Will take a run about town now that I have insurance.........was about to change insurers but when Prima heard that I was going to CA & South America they refused to underwrite even though they only cover you for North America.

Great day here is 20 plus degrees.....last year it was minus 20 something