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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

James Bay Quebec-Upcoming Trip July 19/17

TWO Vstroms and 1 650 GS are heading out on the 19th of July for Chisasibi Quebec with a stop over in Matagami for night 1. Day 2 will see us headed to Radisson carrying extra fuel as we understand no fuels stops in between. It is possible that we will spend 2 nights in Radisson allowing us to visit the Bay and get a tour of the Hydro Dam. One of the 3 bikers is an avid GEO Cache seeker/explorer so we might expect some off road excursions along the way.

We are expecting paved road for the most part. The road was built to allow equipment and supplies to reach the Chisasibi project in the 1970's to build a large Hydro is my understanding that this hydro site supplies most of Quebec's energy needs. The bridges along the way are capable of 500 you can only imagine the weight of machinery that traveled this route. I suggest that my fellow companions bring a tow rope in case of a break down but they are likely to ignore me. 

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