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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fully Committed-June 14th/17 PERU/ECUADOR

Ticket purchased ....Air flight November 27th arriving 1:45 am on the 28th. Also booked taxi directo to get me to Hostel Iquique which is within walking distance to the Migraciones Office. Here, I must apply for a Permso de Firmar Contractos Como Turesta. This is a stamp in my passport which allows me to purchase a motorcycle as a foreigner. Around the Block Moto Adventures needs this to complete the registration to get the bike in my name. Hopefully, this takes less than a couple hours and a taxi back to the airport to comprar un boleto de avion por Huanuco Peru. I expect to be staying with the Shannons' who operate Around the Block Tours for a couple days......Next I need to part with the $ for the bike.....Toby needs this well in advance as they must purchase desired ride and retrofit it including building up to a 300cc machine which will add 4 more HP........Provided I get the bike back to them running, they buy it back for the agreed upon $ regardless of the mileage or duration I have out over the 4 months to cost me less than $15.00 a day. To rent a small 200cc bike you are looking at $75.00 to 90.00 a day.....

No turning back.....committed

Will post bike pics when purchased as Toby says they will send progress pics of mods.... 

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