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Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 8 & 9- Febr 10 & 11 2017-Ecuador

We left Banos around 8;30 am headed for Cotococho Lodge near Puerto Misahualli In the Amazon Jungle. The ride did not disappoint as we climbed higher into the mountains on breathtaking roads which were challenging. The vista was the high Andes at about 13454 ft the temperature plummeted. We soon began the descent and things warmed up.....we arrived at the lodge early as we wanted to take the afternoon boat trip up river in search of Anaconda.......

the roads towards the jungle

another suspension walkway

coffee break along the road

we cross a suspension bridge

we turn right before this bridge which we will cross tomorrow

entering the Cotococha Amazon Lodge

path to lodge from parking area

Ken's room second Ken would have nightmares....the lodge was wild with no electricity....the path through the jungle to the river was lit by oil lamps....we were provided with 2 oil lamps for light......during the night Ken, who was in a top floor thatched ceiling room, was awaken by a noise....upon shining his flashlight in the direction of the sound...he claims to have come face to face with a grasshopper the size of a rat....petrified he reaches for a club next to the bed and whacks the critter senseless......he checks the entire room for any other intruder....he is sleeping under a protected netting which is a canopy over his bed. I have none and am on the lower floor in the next grass hut with only screened windows...I have an uninterrupted sleep....not concerned about Jaguars that might leap through the light enclosure or the Anaconda lurking beneath the floor.....good thing I never thought about grasshoppers. Back to Ken....and a sleepless night....he awoke to find the critter had been resurrected and was starring at him with the only eye it had left from the night stand next to his bed.....I will let him tell how he dealt with that 

my bed, only screens in the windows with a gentle breeze and the sound of the river passing by, I slept soundly

my room on the lower floor

the open air dining room

the view from my porch

tonight cocoa beans will be roasted, shelled and grind ed into chocolate over this fire, then served with pineapple and biscuit to dip into the melted treat 

the lounge area where 2 American girls sitting in those 2 chairs last night had a large tarantula crawl up next to them...likes

the boat waiting to take us up river to a waterfall
through the rapids

landed and heading for the lagoon and waterfalls

we are told the boots are to protect us from the spray of the waterfalls 

the trek through the jungle

the think the boots were because of spray or maybe something more sinister like snakes....remember Ken with one foot up in the air

Ken ventures in
tubing home....Ken had a tube but declines this means of returning....maybe it was the stories I told on the way up about alligators and the flesh eating fish, I had read about

Lodge piranha, Ken. I will follow up with our final day tomorrow


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