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Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Rained last night…..tough sleep with all the hwy noise,Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 005 as my campsite was next to the roadway……Just used the fly the last 2 nights without the tent…no sleeping pad as it is toast.

Tonight I am at Toad Creek somewhere in the Yukon up in the mountains. Scenery is unbelievable, the few pics don’t do it justiceAlaska Day 7 5 30 12 032 Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 030 without a wide angle lens.Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 009 SNOAlaska Day 7 5 30 12 014 Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 022 Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 023 That’s Ice in the last 2

Rained while I was at the highest point in the mountains and I found myself quite nervous, more so when it briefly turned to hail. So here I am sitting in the old lodge’s dinning room tapping out my blog. Wild life plentiful today …2 Deer, 5 Big Horns and 1 Moose.Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 028 Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 027 Alaska Day 7 5 30 12 021 SNO

It is 8 pm and I still need to pitch my sleeping quarters, will sign off and hopefully have more to tell tomorrow. 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aaska Day 6


Woke up to a beautiful morning…..slept under the fly only…no tent with my motorcycle next to me. Slept on a tarp without my mattress. Somehow I managed to take the matt which doesn’t hold air. I tested the 2 I own but da forgot which one and now I can lighten my load and leave it behind.

Alaska Day 6 - 5 26 12 001   Alaska Day 6 - 5 26 12 002

Breakfast on top of my________ bottle which I didn’t need during the night.

Met this chap…forgot his name….had coffee with him and learned that he was a  retired Army Helicopter Pilot on his way to Ottawa from Whitehorse. He now with his girlfriend is an Adventure Guide in hiking and canoeing the north. They have been hired to lead an Expedition to take some enviro types in A Voyager Canoe from Quebec down Lake Champlain out to the Atlantic and back. They will be checking the water qualityAlaska Day 6 - 5 26 12 007 

Came upon this wooden train tressel…I know spelling error but you know what I mean.Alaska Day 6 - 5 26 12 004  

Also learned from that other rider that this pic is of poisonous sour gas being burned off.Alaska Day 6 - 5 26 12 006 

Must get back on the road and find a campsite. Will update later.      


Alaska-Day 5 648 k


Up at 6;30 am….not on the road until 9 am…..rain rain rain and winds that made my helmet rock like one of those bubble heads you see in car windows….of course my head was inside it. The bad weather lasted for 175 k before I was out of it ….about 4 pm the sun came out.

I think its about 8:30 pm and I HAVE found a great camp site at Vermillion Prov Park for 28.00. This after wasting an hour in the last big center only to turned away….we don’t have tent sites….well you should tell that to your Tourist Centre who recommended you, I barked. So if you are tenting in Lloydminster I suggest you move on to this park in Vermillion….nice town which has Lakeland College which appears to be a Fire training centre.

No road accidents today, though I did drop my bike at an out of the way gas station in front of 2 pretty ladies who giggled at what they thought was my misfortune. I smiled and said that’s how I get off the old girl  because I can’t lift my leg that high.

Pic of a prairie grain elevator and old wheat homestead in Saskatchewan. I figured that was a must….earlier I should have taken some picks of the oil collectors in the fields….it looks like Texas. The last are of my site….da as if that isn’t obvious.

Alaska 5 28 12 Saskatchewan & Vermillion Prov Pk Alberta 001 IAlaska 5 28 12 Saskatchewan & Vermillion Prov Pk Alberta 002 I am sitting at a picnic table typing this while I catch the setting rays from a Sun I haven’t seen in 2 days. While you folks are sweltering this area had snow and freeze warnings.

Alaska 5 28 12 Saskatchewan & Vermillion Prov Pk Alberta 005 Alaska 5 28 12 Saskatchewan & Vermillion Prov Pk Alberta 006 Alaska 5 28 12 Saskatchewan & Vermillion Prov Pk Alberta 007

For those of you who care WHAT HAPPENED to the LONDON KNIGHTS….

Goodnight …TO ENLARGE the pics just double click on the image.      

Monday, May 28, 2012

Alaska Trip-Day 4-333k-May 27 2012


Event full day…..left Kenmore ND at 9 am in light rain though it had poured during the night. I had on my winter wear plus rain gear which included a hood under the helmet and attached to the rain jacket. I also wore the belaclava and set my riding glasses on the dash. Earlier I had spoken with a Texas Oil worker who advised me to watch for dark patches on the pavement at entry points to the hwy as this indicated slick mud from oil rigs entering from the fields.

I was roughly 30 m from the border on hwy 52. The GPS indicated a Turn N…hwy 1?, this was soon to create my 1st ever bike loss at speed. The wind had picked up and I was fighting it from the right , creating turbulence that pushed the bike towards oncoming traffic which fortunately was light but I was pulling to the paved shoulder at speeds over 50 miles per hour to let Oil Tankers pass. Moments after letting a truck by I noticed the GPS going crazy….I had missed the turn. I hit 4th gear and applied the break lightly and pulled to the shoulder to make a U turn. What the F**** the rear end of Kawi was trying to catch up with the front. While I was trying to figure out what was happening da da Kawi pulled itself, I swear out of the fishtail, allowing me to come to my senses and take over…..I applied brake again slowing down to about 20 or so and again she was in a fishtail. More concerned for the bike, so not to end my trip I said or rather thought not on the pavement, as it slid to the left I gave it a little throttel and aimed for the grassy ditch. We made it and for a moment I thought I was going to keep it upright but suddenly she was down but I was upright . WE had glided or so it felt to a gentle stop with Kawi on her left side which made it easy for me to get back on and lift the fully loaded bike upright as the ditch inclined down to the right. She was still screaming as I had my hand on a closed clutch and the throttel open…dam comberson winter gloves. I stalled it when I let go of the clutch. Starting her up I eased up the bank, thing she would spin out but no she drove up as if she wear wearing spikes but blow and behold she started into a slide as soon as both wheels touched the shoulder,both feet were deployed but they felt like training wheels as they slid along the pavement. I moved her to an access point to the Oil Patch. Unable to switch gears or to neutral, I shut her down…..on closer inspection I saw that the left running board was jammed under the shifter. This was an easy fix….no damage except to my feelings. The shoulder was as greasy as a frying pan with lard. I would later learn at a Tim Horton’s in Canada that I should watch for slight frost like conditions as the 7 degree temp and high winds occasionally created these situations.

Sitting at the border behind 15 tractor trailers and its pouring when a CN rail truck stops beside me and the passenger says follow us….he takes me straight up to the border crossing and presto I back on Canadian soil.

Just when I thought the wind couldn’t get worse, the flat Saskatchewan Prairie threw gale force winds at me …. so strong directly from my right that the windshield was actually twisting and I was continually being pushed into oncoming traffic which had become more frequent. My neck was sore from being rocked by the gusts and my right shoulder was acting up. It was so windy that as I approached water directly on both sides of the road I glimpsed two ducks taking flight into the wind and as they tilted their wings they shot almost straight up.

No place to pull over. If I go off the road hear I wonder if I’ll be found before summer….how deep is the water? I got to get off the road….good the turn to Regina is coming up as the rain pours harder making visibility tough. The turn is to the left, I slow down fearing using the break, my turn is not pretty but I’m upright and picking up speed, the wind now coming over my right shoulder, a relief from the 100 k previous. I make for Regina intent on finding a motel. Make Regina and take the GPS co ordinates to Saskatoon….check all the exits for 3 miles in driving rain, no motels not even a Macs….I,m in an industrial area. With nerves fried I push on towards Lumsden which is a village and ask for lodging. I pointed in the direction of an OLD Hotel……I look like a drown duck as I make my way into the bar….for some reason I think of Joseph and Mary. I humbly inquire about a room… I have already observed when I circled the place no stables…..they look at me for what seems like minutes…then 1 girl asks another…they confer for a bit, then say they have one left but it needs to be made up. One of the girls leave while I am left with the bar maid to sort out the details…..that will be $ 110.00 for the night sir….pardon is my astonished reply…remember I am on a budget and suppose to be tenting. Will you be with us longer than tonight ,she retorts……at those prices I will need to get a job immediately, so I ask if they have internet, seeing this as a graceful way to make an exit. We do is her reply….I look towards the window it is teeming down cats and dogs…by now I have been inside 10 minutes….I shaking like a leaf… my rain suite is soaked inside as are my inner cloths , I later learn. I say I will be here 1 night. She has me move the bike around the back and lets me in the locked back door. The room is upstairs above the Music less but its Sunday. Pics posted. I shower, turn the heat uo to 84 and hang almost all that is in double water proof duffals out to dry.

Go down and have a 11.95hot hamburger which I enjoy. Then ask for the internet security key. It doesn’t work. I ask for it again, sorry sir we have been having problems with the service…….GO FIGURE.

SO HERE I sit at the bar, fed, dry and telling my story unable to publish.Alaska Trip Day 4-420k 004    

the bed

Alaska Trip Day 4-420k 005

my stuffAlaska Trip Day 4-420k 001

the bar 001

the barthe bar 002

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alaska-Day 3 482k


Left Cookston North Dakota at 9:30 am, in wet cool conditions.

It had rain during the night making packing up a bit of a chore, thus the late start. The scenery was of wet farmland with many acres submersed. Ducks were enjoying the ponds created by the floods….even fishermen lined the banks .

Travelling west on hwy 2 traffic was light but my progress was slowed do to high winds and cold riding discomfort. I am at a motel in Kenmore warming up and drying out. The buget is out the window. Considered cheaper options….few camp grounds in the area but many farms. Made me think about those farmer daughter jokes so the next farm I came to I stopped……..and took this picAlaska Day 2 003     

Stopped for coffee at MacDonalds about 1 hour into the ride…saw a rider come in on a BMW K1200 like the one I sold last year…..shortly after he left another K1200 came in… rarely see these bikes. Stopped at a rest centre and met an Adventure biker on a Buell. He had ridden from N C west to Arizona and north to Montana and was heading for Home…then flying to Fairbanks, picking up a rental GS 650 and touring the area. He had previously in April ,I think, flown to Peru and biked for 45 days through a tour co. One of his friends hit a Bus on a corner and had to be flown back to the USA. Paul, that wasn’t the same trip you went on ?

Two hours after my 1st Mac break I needed another at the city of Minot. I ride into the parking lot and see that same K1200 and it has Alberta Plates. I walk in and find the rider, Chris left Toronto on Wednesday and looks half frozen. He tells me about his adventures in Arizona over the winter and then is off for his home in Edmonton.Alaska Trip Day 3 5 26 12 003      

Need some warmer and dry weather….HOPE

Friday, May 25, 2012

Alaska Trip Day 2-May 25 20`12-898 k


Long Day…….though the traffic was going East……only saw about 8 tractor units…must have been an off day. All camper units and motorcycles where East bound…you think they know something I don’t.

Currently hold up in an American Inn….a little dusty and worn but after last night I thought I would splurge. Watched the hockey game in the bar….thinking I might catch the overtime period in my room ,I was disappointed to find I couldn’t get any channels…..I was undressed, ready for bed so hoofing it up to the front desk was out of the question. I already had been there to advise that the 100.00 fee they would charge me if they thought I was smoking in the room was out the window as there are numerous cigerette burns on the tub and furniture…REALLY was the reply….well we will be adding that 100.00 to your bill sir…..IN A PIG”S AAAA or was it EYE you are, was my reply…….WE ALREADY HAVE YOUR SIGNED AGREEMENT SIR…..then I want a breathalizer or something I stuttered….

After all this place isn’t exactly the RITZ though it set me back 79.00 plus tax….Alaska Day 2 002  

No Vale Parking

Till tomorrow…..goodnight….O I am in Cookston Minnesota

Day 1 Continued


Didn’t exactly sleep like a baby……..woke up at 3.30 am….light coming through the wall..what the ?….last night I couldn’t find the light switch.  Wiping my eyes, I think dare I get up…but nature calls ……a hole in the wall where the plaster has fallen off reveals broken lattice and a dim flickering light is coming from the end of the hall below the stairs.  I hear banjo music and laughter. Where is the bathroom….The door creaks on it’s hinges as I exit into the hall. The music suddenly stops and for a moment I seem to feel like all eyes are on me…..but I don’t see anyone and what happened to the light. I can’t see a D.. thing. Why am I sweating, the urge to urinate is strong….where’s the F….. bathroom door. Suddenly I am falling or tripping or both. I wake up and feel like I’m soaking wet..O NO…I didn’t. I have the fashlight in my hand but its not on…turn it on stupid. I do and find that I am lying on the   grass…….not P….but dew….WHAT A RELIEF. I am starring at my tent…….it’s a dream…..that’s it no more wine before bed.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alaska Trip Day 1-May 24 2012- 850 k


  1. Up at the crack of dawn and headed out for fuel then a stop for coffee to say my goodbyes and leave money for the group lottery purchase. Alaska Day 1 003
  2. Fuel again at Esponola and just after crossing into the USA……
  3. Stopped at a modest campground with cabins…..they only had 1 room left in the house and the old lady with the long crooked fingernails said I would be sharing it with some other guests. Take the room upstairs at the end of the hall she wailed and take this broom to sweep the cobwebs  its been awhile since anyone used it……I could sense a look of anguish as she said I wouldn’t need a key…..perhaps she thought I would ask for my money back……why didn’t I………the wi fi is crazy….I will try and upload a pic…then its of to bed.Alaska Day 1 008 
  4. No electricity….crap…where’s the toilet   

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The 1st part of my adventure is about to begin a week today. I  have taken the Kawasaki Voyager out of moth balls and have been busy prepping it for the journey to Alaska. Why the change.....well I have decided that Deadhorse/Prudeau Bay is not in the cards which means I should be on decent roads for the most part. I will ride west and north as far as Fairbanks then on to Ankorage , Tok, Dawson City, Haines Junction, Smithers BC, Banff, then down to Montana and head East.                                                                                     
For the South American Excursion I will be joined by my good friend John Carnie, a retired Helicopter Pilot who has flown most parts of the Globe. He has just returned from about 7 years of sailing the Caribbean and was looking for a new adventure....went out and purchased a new Triumph Tiger 800 with all the my second reason for leaving the VStrom in the stable was to keep it nice and shiny ...don't want that TIGER getting all the attention.

The past couple of weeks have involved needle pokes which will continue another week and then a final shot for Yellowfever.........the rabies shot was highly recommended but I have left it to late and will pass on it.....John has been warned that if I start frothing at the mouth to Run....if he has access to a gun he has my permission to shoot me.